Sunday, July 06, 2003

Rat F*ck #2

Last time I said that the GOP should use a more reputable source than the American Spectator to disseminate their oppo-bombs. I jokingly suggested they use Matt Drudge next time. Well...
DEAN TO CLEAN: WANTS MCAULIFFE OUT AT DNC, SAY SOURCES Presidential contender Howard Dean has confided to associates how he desires a fresh course for the Democratic National Committee, including a dramatic change in its leadership, specifically chairman Terry McAuliffe, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Sources close to the early-Democratic frontrunner reveal how Dean has bitterly complained about McAuliffe and the lackluster job he has done as chairmain and architect of the disastrous off-year elections. The candidate has told senior staffers how people are coming back to the party energized, only now, thanks to his campaign. "We'll make a change there immediately [after the New Hampshire primary]," a top Dean source said of the DNC leadership. "I think it is important, as does Howard, to mark a new beginning, cut ties from the past." "Oil and water, those two," said one Washington observer of outsider Dean and insider McAuliffe. "I was watching Terry going quietly mad, almost to the point of steam coming out of his ears, as Dean greatly exceeded the 2-minute time limit at the candidates' dog & pony show last week at the Mayflower Hotel." Developing...
The goal here is, again, to get Dems fighting with each other instead of focusing on the real enemy. McAuliffe and Dean are mature enough to know that this story is bullshit. But some of their less experienced campaign people and their supporters may believe it and react accordingly. McAuliffe supporters will fight against Dean in order to defend their man. Dean supporters will fight against these accusations in order to defend their man. Karl Rove will sit back, laugh, and send a thank you note to Matt. Once again I urge you all: DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Do not be fooled into an argument over something that has nothing to do with our #1 concern: getting George Bush out of the White House. All other considerations, including the hurt feelings of any of the Democratic campaigns, are irrelevant. I don't care HOW dismissive of the Dean campaign they have been in the past, I REFUSE to get dragged into a pointless fight with people who are fighting for a common cause. That is precisely what the Bushies want. Don't give it to them.


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