Thursday, July 03, 2003

Dean for Antonica

I do not play online games. I have neither the time or the patience to deal with them. But I understand they are a very popular genre in computer gaming. One of the biggest is the fantasy gaming universe known as Everquest. Antonica is the name of one of the continents in that universe. Someone has started a thread to discuss Howard Dean in an Everquest context:
If Howard Dean were an EQ character, which would he be? A high elf, if his hair gets any grayer Hobbit Dean Gnome-powered Howard The Learned Dean, Erudite Sage Dean Bayle, the governor who balanced the budget of Highkeep Dos Inbal Lil-Z'ress, the dark-elven assassin who killed Bush's electoral chances Woody Dean the ranger, who tells the bow-control advocates how helpful the NBA (Norrathian Bow Association) was with conservation efforts back in Gfay -- but says each zone should be able to have its own archery nerfs Meen Deen, the troll at the Democratic debates Howard MacDean, the barbarian shaman with the alchemy skill to transmute disgruntlement into activism Docturizzin Dangnamefiltrspellings, dwarven cleric Howuh Deh, ogre, stealth candidate of Rallos Zek Apolitical Miller, iksar sibling-by-adoption of an ogre named "Tiny"
This is a small data point, but I think it is significant that people outside the insider politics circles are starting to talk about Dean.


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