Wednesday, July 02, 2003

John Kerry: Get over it

I've said before that I will vote for whoever is nominated to run against Bush. I have said that I can support John Kerry despite his Iraq vote, even though I think that will ultimately prove to be a big liability for him going into the general election. But, when he says things like this, I really have to wonder if Kerry is fit to be the nominee:
Kerry was tiptoeing on Sunday, but did go into how liberals shoot themselves in the foot. Exhibit A, he said, was the enormous amount of effort and money Democrats had to spend in the Northwest in 2000 "to pull people back from the (Ralph) Nader precipice." Invested elsewhere, it might have won the day for Al Gore. He is impatient with Democratic oratory about the "stolen" election. "Stop crying in your teacups," he told one audience. "It isn't going to change. Get over it."
How can ANY Democratic candidate hope to be taken seriously by the base when he demonstrates the kind of cluelessness evident in a remark like this? Is he really so out of it that he doesn't know that the phrase, "Get over it", is about the worst thing you can say to a Democrat today? I will still vote for Kerry if I have to. But the noseplug factor just went up an order of magnitude.


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