Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The Party of Spending and Deficits Is ... the GOP

"The Republican reputation for being for small government is wholly undeserved," said Riedl. "Republicans are politicians first, and they're trying to spend money to get themselves re-elected. "The current crop of Republicans is surprising in their lack of principles," he surmised. "They seem willing to spend on any special interest they need to win re-election next year."
The comments of some left-wing radical? A campaign lackey of some Democratic candidate for President? Nope. Brian Riedl is the federal budget analyst of the Heritage foundation, a conservative think tank. This quote comes from an article published on NewsMax, one of the leading lights of the web-based anti-Clinton movement of the 90s. Second only to WorldNetDaily when it comes to radical right wing reportage. Don't believe the pundits when they say all Republicans just love Bush.


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