Friday, June 06, 2003

Mayhaps we have already lost?

The DailyKOS brings us this story from the Washington Post about the continuing deterioration of the Iraqi situation and how it is over-taxing our military resources. This story just proves why it is a bad idea to do what we did without the support of the international community. We may have the biggest military in the world by far and can thus whip anyone's asses. But rebuilding a country takes a lot more resources then a bunch of guns. We have bitten off more than we can chew and now we are asking everyone else at the table to help us swallow. We are asking for help from the same people we were insulting just prior to taking the bite. I'm sure a few of them are rather amused at our travails while being simultaneously outraged at the mess we have created. They probably will eventually pull our butts out of the fire because there is no long term benefit to them from an Iraq in chaos or an America on the ropes. But they won't do it until they can get some significant concessions out of Bush. I wonder how Rove will spin that?


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