Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The Google News Democratic Presidential Poll for 6/4/2003

John Kerry(1) 2460(1) 2760
Bob Graham(2) 2260(2) 2320
Joe Lieberman(3) 2120(4) 2220
Howard Dean(4) 1930(3) 2200
John Edwards(5) 1910(5) 2080
Dick Gephardt(6) 1460(6) 1640
Dennis Kucinich(7) 1070(8) 1020
Al Sharpton(8) 861(7) 1090
Carol Moseley Braun(9) 442(9) 732
The overall numbers for all the candidates continue to trend downward. The media cycle has moved off the Democratic race right now and is spending more time on events like the G8 summit and Bush's middle-east peace initiative. Dennis Kucinich passed Al Sharpton, possibly due to the AP report on his calling on the administration to release the evidence to back up their claims of Iraqi WMD. Lieberman moved ahead of Dean, more due to a drop-off in Dean reportage than anything Lieberman is doing I think. The institutional advantage Kerry, Graham and Edwards have in being significant players in congress cannot be discounted in these rankings. It's possible that this might be the first sign of a fall-off in interested in the Dean story since journalists are starting to get used to it. Kerry is still in the lead, but that lead is shrinking.


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