Friday, May 02, 2003

Is Andy finally opening his eyes?

Andrew Sullivan once again demonstrates his cluelessness. First he was shocked by how his hero, George W. Bush, came down in support of Santorum. Now he's surprised that his mild expression of discomfort at Bush's photo-op yesterday has resulted in a deluge of angry mail: OKAY, OKAY: Like Glenn Reynolds, I'm besieged by people who think I'm wrong about the tone of Bush's campaign speech last night. Fair enough. It's a subjective judgment call, and I certainly respect those who took it otherwise. But what amazes me is the vituperative tone, and how many then accuse me of being anti-war, anti-Bush and anti-American. Me? Are politics so polarized that you have to either engage in hagiography or hatred of our leaders? Is there nothing permissible in between? Ummm, Yes. This is the world you helped create Andy what with your harangues against potential "fifth columnists" on the left and your unquestioning hero worship of the Texas Dauphin. Are you really so blind to what is going on that you are surprised by the response you have gotten? Perhaps this experience might garner a little more sympathy from you for Dixie Chicks. Not likely, but there is always hope. David Brock was once a right-wing water-carrier as well.


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