Thursday, April 10, 2003

The bad cop

Kynn, over at Shock & Awe explains why he/she is still opposed to this war. I concur with his/her explanation. As bad as Sadaam was, America has proven itself to be just as dangerous by unilaterally deciding that it has the right to decide who is and is not a bad man. Update: In the comment's to Kynn's post someone posted the following response:
I have a better analogy: Saddam is the father and the Iraqis are his children. He kills, tortures and brutalizes his children. He abuses them and starves them while he builds himself fine homes and drives nice cars. His children live in the doghouse out back. Yeah, you're right, Saddam should be left alone.
Kynn, of course, never said nothing should be done about the bad man. He/she just asserted that it should not be up to the cop to unilaterally decide who is and is not the bad man (as I said above) and carry out the sentence forthwith. We see here the fundamental disconnect between the pro-war and anti-war side. The pro-war side seems to think that, since we are against the US going out on its own and blowing away Sadaam (and a few thousand of his fellow countrymen, many innocent civilians) that we think we should just let Sadaam off scott-free. It's the process by which we have gotten to this point that matters regardless of how good the end result may be.


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