Monday, April 07, 2003

Kerry is not the enemy

Christopher Curtis has a post up on the Dean2004 blog about the recent Kerry regime change brouhaha. He quotes from the Washington Times:
"Fine words, but apparently hollow words that shift with the political winds. Kerry has taken the role of an opportunist who won't allow principle to get in the way of telling some people what they want to hear in an effort to gain votes. And if Kerry were elected president, would the U.N. delegates trust a man who talks from both sides of his mouth?"'
I would caution any Dean support to take heart from the criticism of the Washington Times on this matter. They are a mouthpiece for the Republican party and, as such, they would love nothing more than to encourage a bitter fight between Deanizens and Kerryites. I'm not interested in attacking Kerry. I think he was wrong to vote for the authorization resolution and I won't hesitate to point this out. But I think his criticism of Bush and his subsequent defense of that criticism were right on the mark. I support Dean, but I will not hesitate to applaud Kerry's handling of this situation. Let's just hope that he will continue to stand up against the cockroaches and that other Democrats will follow him in following Dean's example. We don't want Dean to be the only fighter in the Democratic party.


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