Monday, March 31, 2003

Whose the fool?

I highly recommend that everyone read this post over at the Daily Kos and then read the comments that follow. It is a very interesting discussion of military tactics that made me think two things: 1) Rummy and company aren't the only ones to blame for the poor planning of this operation. The military brass may be pointing fingers at them but how many of them actually had any better understanding of what needed to be done? We shouldn't assume that, just because they are military men, that they are any better. 2) Saddam may not be able to achieve a military victory in this war, but he may be able to achieve a political victory. The example of the Tet offensive was brought up. The VietCong, by all military measures, lost badly in that offensive. But they won a political victory by demonstrating that they had the ability and the will to coordinate a large-scale, nation-wide attack against a far superior foe at a time when no one thought they could do it. The point was also brought up that those who think that Hussein is looking to go out in a blaze of glory are misunderestimating the man. He doesn't want to die gloriously. He actually wants to win and he thinks he can do it. Only the foolish would assume that he is a fool for thinking he can.


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