Sunday, March 30, 2003

Which is the real party of ivory tower eggheads?

I'll be getting to my thoughts on Disneyland and the Two Americas soon enough, but I'd like to hilight something Digby has over on his blog:
This is yet another example of the radical Republican experimentation with every institution of the United States. Like the wild supply side experiment with radical tax cuts, the Federalist Society assault on the legal system, and the abrupt change to a doctrine of unilateralism and preventive war, it is the result of insular, second rate, ivory tower think tank intellectuals taking the reins of power and completely running amuck.
For the longest time the Republicans have succeeded in painting the Democratic party as the party of pinheaded intellectuals who never step outside their ivory towers and thus never understand what it is like to live in the real world. But, as Digby points out, it is the Republican party that is dominated, top-to-bottom, and side-to-side with ivory tower think tankers who have salivate for 20 years at the prospect of putting some of their grand theories to the test. Isn't it time for the Democrats to start hammering the Republicans for playing with American lives as part of some intellectual exercise?


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