Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Other's have pointed out an interesting aspect of the previous post about Britain possibly pulling out of the "coalition of the willing". Whether it actually happens or not (and I think it is still highly questionable) the bizarre part of this story is that Rumsfield's reaction to it was to to, in effect, shrug. In other words, it is rumored that the single most important ally the United States has in its campaign against Iraq is getting weak-kneed and the Bushies couldn't really care. If nothing else proves to the fence-sitters that the whole point of this exercise is to demonstrate that America can go it alone and, indeed, will destroy every international body that stands in its way, then what will? Saddam is a convenient target. But if he didn't exists the Bushies would go looking for the next available candidate to demonstrate their new, oily (in more ways then one) form of foreign policy. Quite simply put it is this: the world will do what we want it to do or it will be made to pay for its insolence.


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