Sunday, March 02, 2003

Oliver Willis weighs in on the subject of torture:
A few folks are concerned at the news that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will undergo torture since the news stories indicate that his interrogation will be in an "undisclosed foreign country". Count me among the uncaring. This man chose to join a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans on 9.11, as well as the deaths of hundreds of Kenyans in the embassy bombings, Australians in Bali, and other hotspots around the world. If putting him under the wire for some temporary discomfort is gonna get his little lips flapping, I've got no problem with that. If he didn't have any info to offer, I wouldn't shed a tear over a bullet to his brain, even. Frankly, when we're done picking his little brain I wouldn't hold a grudge against the soldier who stopped him in an escape attempt.
You don't have to have sympathy for the man in order to oppose him being tortured Oliver. Besides all the ethical and moral arguments against tortuer, whether done directly or via a cut-out, there is still the pragmatic problem that torture just isn't a very effective way to gain valuable information. I to would not shed a tear if the man suffers horribly and than dies. But inhumanity to another human being brings the torturer low as well. I do not grieve for Mohammed. I grieve for us.


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