Sunday, March 02, 2003

First Tom Friedman, then Matthew Yglesias, then Kevin Drum, now Sean-Paul. It looks like the "liberal hawk" coalition is at the breaking point as far as their support for Bush's war is concerned. They may all soon be joining my "liberal hawk but for Bush" coalition. As I have said repeatedly, the problem with supporting Bush in his efforts is that what he says he is going to do and what he ends up doing are often diametrically opposed. Thus, even if you support what he say he is going to do you simply can't trust him to actually do it. Thus, supporting him is simply not an option. Matthew's observation that a failed effort to remove Saddam might be politically disastrous to Bush is correct but it is not a dilemma for liberals since there is no reason for a liberal, hawk or not, to support his effort in the first place. Here's hoping Josh Marshal wakes up to this reality as well. Who knows, even Ken Pollack may wake up as well.


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