Sunday, February 02, 2003

Our side's closing argument (via reading & writing and no more mister nice blog) Messieurs Mearsheimer and Walt provide the most concise summary yet of exactly why we should not go to war with Iraq. 1) Containment has worked 2) There is no evidence that Hussein is any threat to his neighbors 3) There is no evidence that he is developing nuclear weapons 4) There is no evidence that he has or ever will provide WMD to groups like Al Qaeda 5) There is plenty of evidence to suggest that attacking Hussein will encourage other countries to develop nuclear weapons (we attack Iraq, but not North Korea, wonder why?) 6) There is plenty of evidence to suggest that attacking Hussein will encourage the continued rise of extremist Islamic groups throughout the Middle East 7) There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the endeavor will be costly in both lives and money. In other words, there is no obvious benefit and plenty of drawbacks to an attack on Iraq. But then Bush is the servant of God and his will will be done. Lord have mercy on us all.


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