Friday, January 31, 2003

The Liquid List and Atrios have both talked about this Post article.
Sticker Shock By Al Kamen Friday, January 31, 2003; Page A25 At the Conservative Political Action Conference, which featured Vice President Cheney as its opening luncheon speaker yesterday, one of the various exhibition booths hawking paraphernalia had some virulently anti-Muslim vinyl bumper stickers, for $3.95, including one that said: "No Muslims -- No Terrorism."
While it is...amusing...that Cheney might be made to feel uncomfortable about this kind of association. I have to wonder if criticizing him for this isn't equivalent to the kind of criticism some anti-war people have received for participating in demonstrations that were sponsored, in part, by A.N.S.W.E.R. We should be careful who we associate with. But, just because we associate with a group of people does not necessarily mean we endorse everything that those people stand for. Update while posting: I just noticed that Atrios has a link to DailyKOS who brings up much the same point, albeit in a more snarky manner. Update while posting the update while posting: And DailyKOS has some additional comments from Tacitus as well as this:
But here's the kicker -- Cheney's people asked the conference organizers to pull down the "kill all Arabs" bumperstickers, but didn't ask them to take down the Confederate Flag or anti-Reno stuff. Why not? In effect, that glaring omission seems to indicate that the office of the VP has no problem with that sort of material. Genocide was out (thank the gods). But the rest passed muster with Cheney.
Selective outrage is an indicator of potential hypocrisy.


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