Sunday, January 05, 2003

I wanted to test out my thesis in my previous post, so I decided to extract the Gallup polling data for Bush and Clinton from two equal time periods of their presidencies. For Clinton I chose the period from just prior to the outbreak of Lewinsky mania to just after the impeachment trial concluded. For Bush I chose just prior to 9/11 to the present day. Here are the results: As noted in the previous post, Bush's approval ratings now are no better and sometimes worse then Clinton's were at the height of the impeachment. But, as I also suggested, Clinton was able to maintain a steady approval rating over the course of his crisis while Bush has pretty much blown all of the goodwill he received from being the President during a time of foreign attack. Now, it must be noted that no one expected Bush to maintain the peak he had immediately after 9/11. But you would think that he would be able to maintain at least some of that popularity if he were actually as good a leader as his press says he is. I have to wonder, again, how Bush would do if he were under the kind of constant attack that Clinton had to deal with. Somehow I doubt he would be able to hold up under the pressure.


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