Saturday, January 04, 2003

LMB on the topic of "class warfare":
It's absolutely hilarious, really. When conservatives try to cut taxes for the rich, they try to pre-emptively defeat the "class warfare" criticism by pretending that that angle has already been discussed at length, refuted and everyone is so sick of the topic that they want to vomit, even though not a single word on the subject has yet been uttered.
I have said before that the Republican propaganda apparatus is one of the finest in the world. The whole "class warfare" bugaboo is one of their finest creations (up their with "liberal media"). The GOP knows that America is become more and more a classist society, in no small part due to Republican policies. But they also know that the American people have a visceral hatred of classism. So, how to avoid this problem? Quite simple: make it sound like classism exists only in the eyes of those who point it out and that it is the critics who are creating the artificial class distinctions merely by talking about it. Funny. You would think that Republicans would be the last to claim that reality can be changed merely by the way it is defined. But then, this is strange only if you believe them in how they define themselves.


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