Sunday, January 12, 2003

All hail the era of personal responsibility!
Bush Administration Shifts Blame for N. Korea Crisis Clinton-Era Agreement Signed in '94 With Pyongyang Is Called Flawed
By Karen DeYoung and T.R. Reid Washington Post Staff Writers Sunday, January 12, 2003; Page A22
A senior Bush administration official suggested yesterday that the nuclear crisis with North Korea was the predictable result of a flawed 1994 agreement signed by the Clinton administration with Pyongyang that "frontloaded all the benefits and left the difficult things to the end" -- for the next president.
"I didn't do it! Nobody saw me do it! You can't prove anything!" --Bart Simpson
The comments marked a sharp change of direction from the administration's insistence in recent weeks that only North Korea was to blame for the crisis. As recently as last week, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said he gave "great credit" to the Clinton administration for freezing North Korea's plutonium enrichment program with the 1994 Agreed Framework.
Haven't people learned by now that there's nothing the Bushies like to do more then undercut Powell? Especially when he starts embarassing his boss? Remember, it was Powell who approved the meeting between the North Koreans and Richardson.


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