Friday, January 10, 2003

Been thinking about Blair in response to a comment John Isbell posted in response to this post from me. What's interesting is that Blair seems to be supported in his actions by none other then Bill Clinton! Now, Clinton doesn't actually supports what Bush is doing. But Clinton realizes that Bush is a dangerous man who would be even more dangerous if he were entirely cut off from any western support. Thus he has asked his good friend Tony Blair to stay close to Bush in the hope that he will be able to moderate Bush's more war-like tendencies. Would Bush have gone to the UN if Blair had not been keeping in close conversation with him? Witness the recent reports that Blair is asking Bush to hold off on Iraq until the fall. If this is the case then Blair is playing an important sacrificial role in international diplomacy: he is allowing his reputation to be hurt by his association with an idiot because to do otherwise might put the whole world in even more danger then it currently is.


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