Friday, December 06, 2002

A post I made in Table Talk:
Chris Andersen - 03:59 pm Pacific Time - Dec 6, 2002 <Bill Zettler 12/6/02 11:07am>:
Of course, that will end the DLC as an experiment that achieved apparent prominence only because they had Clinton as one of theirs, and Clinton would have succeeded under a variety of scenarios. Without him, the DLC starts to look like an empty balloon. Sort of like Lieberman's face, in other words.
I think you have it right Bill. The DLC did not turn around the electoral prospects of Democrats in 1992. It was Bill Clinton. Just like those who try and underestimate Clinton's impact on the boom of the 90s there are many Democrats who keep trying to discount his impact on Democratic prospects in the 90s. Clinton left office and the country went to hell. Clinton stepped down as leader of the party and the Democrats have been running around like heedless turkey's ever since.


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