Wednesday, December 18, 2002

ArchPundit makes an interesting find in the Ashcroft files, in reference to Ashcroft's comment that Missouri had an easy time integrating (via CalPundit)
Lest we forget this September 7, 1990 gem from the Post-Dispatch:
As attorney general and governor, Ashcroft has complained about the costs of desegregation programs in St. Louis and Kansas City and called them ''educationally counterproductive and bankrupt.'
For those with any doubt, Ashcroft rode the wave of resentment in rural Missourah and South Saint Louis over the outrage of providing equal resources for the urban districts. This is a bipartisan sport with current AG Jeremiah Jay Nixon doing the same later. However, Ashcroft had been a particularly strong advocate against court ordered desegregation efforts.
The pressure needs to be kept on this. The Republicans will try to pretend that Lott is an aberation and that his views don't provide any interesting insight into the character of the GOP. They are lying (if not to us at least to themselves). They know that a significant part of their current electoral success is based on the evil that was and is the "Southern Strategy". Even if they acknowledge the existence of this strategy they will try to pretend that it died with Nixon. Don't let them get away with it.


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