Saturday, August 02, 2003

"Hating corruption and incompetence does not make you a liberal."

This was the response of a poster over on the Bartcop forum (thread here) to yet another commentary (this time an editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times) that suggests Dean will lead the Dems to disaster by dragging it "far to the left of mainstream American opinion." But liberalism has nothing to do with the Dean phenomena. It has everything to do with the desire for real leadership instead of the faux patriotism we get from the Bushies. It has everything to do with having an administration that actually cares about making the future better for all Americans, not just a few rich fundraisers. It has everything to do with being able to sleep at night knowing that the ship is being steered by people who have some clue that they know what they are doing. Until the commentators understand this they will continue to completely misunderstand what is driving the Dean campaign.


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