Friday, August 01, 2003

Fight goddamnit!

Dean is going to use some of the windfall from last weekends huge online fundraiser (approximately $200,000 of it) to put political ads on the air in Texas. This reminds me again why I was originally attracted to Dean. It didn't have anything to do with his stand on the issues, not even the Iraq war. All of that was just gravy. The meat of Dean's attraction was that he is a figher. When the rest of the establishment continued to quake at the mere suggestion of going up against the Bush juggernaut Dean got up and delivered a very simple message: you won't win anything if you don't fight for it. The Democratic establishment likes to talk about how the party needs to nominate someone who will look strong on national security. I agree completely. But looking strong on national defense is not just a matter of what policies you support. It also depends on your public demeanor. No amount of "tough" policy will win the election if the candidate delivers it with a mewl instead of a roar. Dean is roaring. The herd is starting to wake up.


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