Sunday, July 27, 2003

End the feud now!

The DLC vs. Dean feud has been a puzzlement for many of us out here in the bleachers. Except for Dean's position on the war, there is very little substantial policy difference between the DLC and Dean. In fact, Dean's campaign is running an operation much along the lines that the DLC has been recommending for years. I'd hate to think it, but it is not outside the realm of possibility that the DLCs biggest problem with Dean is that he is successful despite the DLC, not because of it. What that means is that, if Dean were to win the big prize next November, without the backing of the DLC, then the DLC would lose a substantial amount of influence within the party. What I'd hate to think is that the DLC would rather the Democrats lose it all in 2004 if it meant Dean winning it all without their help. Having said all that, it is interesting to consider the peculiar situation of the DLC issuing a list of "Bush promised... but instead he delivered..." talking points not two days after Dean published a similar set of examples of Bush's misleadership? Isn't it about time for From and Reed to swallow their pride and start trying to work with Dean?


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