Monday, August 17, 2009

Politics Should Be Uncomfortable

Good advice from DougJ:
We live in a culturally pre-Enlightenment country (hence the teabaggers) that is mostly ruled by corporations (hence the fact that a good portion of the Senate has been bought off). That’s reality. Politics is the art of the possible and a health care plan that brings insurance to 40 million Americans has to be counted as a big success for Obama.

Still, I think liberals should yell and scream as much as possible about this, because it just makes it a bigger bargaining chip. Anyway, the angrier we hippies are at Obama, the better coverage he’ll receive. Just remember in 2010 and 2012 (EDIT: in the general elections): you’re with Obama or you’re with the teabaggers.
I've been seriously frustrated by the tendency of progressives to run around with their hair on fire every time they see a hint that something won't go the way they want. But Doug's point is a valid one: as annoying as this can be, it is an important component of reform. Because, if they didn't yell about it then the status quo would feel even more comfortable being the status quo.

So, if Obama and the Dems drop the public option, it won't be a disaster. But they shouldn't feel good about it.


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