Friday, October 10, 2008


Reading this was both heartening and amusing. Heartening because it is clear that McCain supporters are worried. Amusing because of how hapless they look in response. But the following passage is the one that probably seriously freaks out the GOP:
Next they started talking about policy positions.  This was quite amusing.  They were all upset that Obama had voted for the bailout.  Then, one of them said, "McCain supported it too."  Then they talked about how upset they were about McCain's proposal to buy mortgages directly from homeowners.  One of the gentlemen proclaimed, "McCain sounds like a socialist.  You'd think he were a Democrat".  At that point the other gentleman stated that he had thought of voting for Bob Barr.  He opened his lap top and pulled up Barr's website for the others to see.  They liked what they saw.  One woman said that Barr was the "conservative that McCain used to be." 
Consider what will happen if these "supporters" begin to think a McCain loss is inevitable. If McCain is going to lose, they might think to themselves, why bother voting for him anyway since they really don't like him. Why not vote for that nice Mr. Barr instead?

Is this the rumble that precedes a landslide?


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