Thursday, September 25, 2008

The source of my nausea

This campaign has sickened me.

I used to think most of my nausea came from the fear that the crap the McCain campaign has pulled might actually work and he would get elected. But I've since come to realize that his antics are so pathetic that they are probably hurting any real chance he had to win. The more ridiculous he is the better for Obama.

Yet I still feel sick every time McCain pulls another stunt. Why?

I think it's because his stunts are bad for America regardless of whether he wins or not. He is making a joke out of our deliberative process. He is demeaning the whole idea of Democracy by treating it as nothing more than a 24 hour game of "what can I do today to keep the spotlight on me?"

I love this country. I love Democracy. I love the sacrifices that so many have made to keep that Democracy alive. And John McCain starts every day thinking, "What can I do to turn America into an even greater joke."

John McCain shouldn't just lose this election. He should be exiled.


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