Saturday, September 20, 2008


Shorter version of the Paulson bailout proposal:
Give me $700 billion dollars and don't ask any questions.
What our short answer should be:
What our longer answer should be:
Hell No!
Look, few outside the most extreme libertarians are arguing that there shouldn't be a bailout. But the idea of giving unfettered access to $700 billion to the very same people who used unfettered access to money to get us into this mess in the first place is just insane.

Of course, if Obama or Reid or Pelosi balk at this the tailor-made response will be, "What? Do you want the economy to collapse!"

It's the Shock Doctrine writ large.

1. Take a bad situation and magnify the talking points on it to make it sound like it is a world ending crisis that demands immediate action and no debate.

2. Propose a solution that has little to do with fixing the fundamentals of the bad situation.

3. Profit!!!

No. Hell No. No fucking way. Not in a million years. Get your ass out of my face you fuckwads.


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