Monday, June 02, 2008

Reading tea leaves

I think people may be reading to much into reports of Clinton's campaign slowing down (here, here and here).

After Tuesday, the primary elections will be over, so there is no reason for Clinton to maintain an electoral staff at full strength. If she continues her fight it will depend more on a small cadre of operatives working behind the scenes to try and convince super delegates that the voters were wrong to give Obama more pledged delegates. That would explain why she is marshaling her forces in New York tomorrow night: Not to say "goodbye" but to say "here's what we do now".

Too much of the reporting in this campaign has been of the variety, "We want it to be this way so we will report things as if they are indicating it will be that way." I've been burned on that enough times not to believe any reports other than an actual video of Clinton saying, "I'm suspending my campaign and endorsing Barack Obama".

It could happen tomorrow night. But I wouldn't bet on it.


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