Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama thinking about 2010

Regarding Obama's long-term strategic thinking, Michael Turk has an interesting analysis of the margins Democrats need to make up to gain control of state houses. He makes the connection to Obama's strategy:
The states that would not normally be target states, but in which he is spending money have one of two common characteristics. They are either states in which the Democrats are exceptionally close to controlling one or both houses, or states where they control one or both houses by slim margins.
Michael then makes an observation that a lot of people may be losing sight of: 2010 is a redistricting year.
Why? Because Obama and his team are looking to pull a Tom Delay. By setting up the Democrats to win these legislative bodies, he'll be able to stymie (or dominate) the redistricting process and be able to not only elect more Democrats, but use it to put even larger majorities in place after 2010.
I urge everyone to check out this analysis (Turk is apparently a Republican, btw).


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