Thursday, December 06, 2007

Regurgitating The Regurgitation

Dan Bartlett characterized right-wing blogs as useful cogs in the right-wing message machine because they will simply "regurgitate" whatever they give them. This comment has naturally caused many right-wing blogs to protest that they don't receive any memos from the White House.

I think they misunderstand the nature of the regurgitation. It isn't necessary for the White House to send memos to all the hundreds of right-wing blogs out there. They only have to send the word to two or three key blogs (on a rotating basis). Those blogs will post the information, virtually unedited. This will result in a blog swarm as all the other right-wing blogs pick up and carry the message forward.

So, most right-wing blogs aren't regurgitating White House memos. They are regurgitating the regurgitation of White House memos.

And now that I have spoiled your breakfast with that image ...


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