Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Digby: "Back in 92 many of us were convinced that the time had come. The Democrats finally controlled the government, the country was barely emerging from an ugly recession, (which throws a lot of previously covered workers into the pool of uninsured) and some races around the country had been fueled from the grassroots on a health care reform platform. The conditions were optimal. But it failed , for many reasons, (including the way it was negotiated and sold) but mostly because the Republicans were able to effectively demagogue the fears of losing what you have as opposed to the Democrats who had to explain a complicated formula for protecting you against something that may not happen."

My God! No wonder the Democrats have problems selling universal health insurance! There are few people more hated in this culture than insurance salesman! Just think of Ned Reyerson, the insurance agent from "Groundhog Day", who chases Bill Murray's character every day trying to pester him into buying insurance.



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