Friday, June 30, 2006

Cops vs. Scumbags

The next time a Republican accuses you of wanting to treat terrorists like criminals instead of going after them with soldiers ask them what they have against cops.

After all, cops are the frontline of law enforcement. Its the cops that do the hard work of hunting down criminals and protecting the citizenry. And its cops that the "tough on crime" Republicans claim they stand behind. Yet with their "terrorists aren't criminals" philosophy, they seem to be saying that cops, along with all the other parts of our law enforcement system, just aren't up to the task of protecting us.

An army protects us when we are attacked by an army.

Cops protect us when we are attacked by a criminal.

When the Republicans say the best way to fight terrorists is to use the Army they are saying that the terrorists are equivalent to an Army. An Army is made of warriors. So the Republicans are saying that terrorists are warriors equivalent to our warriors.

When we say the best way to fight terrorists is with cops (Just as an aside, I consider spies as equivalent to cops, not soldiers) we are saying terrorists are criminals. Criminals are scumbags. So we are saying that terrorists are scumbags who don't deserve to be given the warrior honorific.

Why do Republicans want to elevate terrorists while at the same time they denigrate cops?


Blogger Big Chris said...

It's not Cops vs Scum bags.

Cops = Scum Bags.

Cops Vs. Criminals.

5:32 PM  

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