Friday, May 05, 2006

Did Hookergate bring down Porter Goss?

Not necessarily, says Larry Johnson. At least not directly in the sense that Goss was himself involved in that scandal.

However, it is possible that Goss suffered from "guilt by association" because of his connections to the #3 man at the CIA, Dusty Foggo and as yet unnamed "key staffer".

A former CIA buddy tells me that Porter's main problem, however, is a key staffer who is linked to both Brent Wilkes and the CIA's Executive Director, Dusty Foggo. My friend also said that it is highly likely that the Goss staffer did participate in the hooker extravaganza. Goss, politician that he is, probably recognized that even though he did not participate in the sexual escapades and poker games, his staffer's participation created a huge problem for him that would be difficult to escape.

So who is this "key staffer"? Hmmm?


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