Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An anchor, not a balloon

Steve Gilliard speaks in a similar vein to what I said in my previous post:

To be a good coach, or politician, you need to know when to strike with your best play. To be a great coach, you need to create the conditions for that play to be used. Hillary Clinton is neither. Her timing is off. Pols aren't going to Kos because they like him, but because he can help them.

Notice that pols, both state and local, as well as federal, want nothing to do with the DLC. They had to drop a ton of names from their site. So what does Hillary do? Go to them. She wants use them to revive her fortunes when they cannot revive their own. What that says to me is that her tactical sense is flawed.

Hillary is still stuck in the 90s with the impression that tying herself to the DLC will help her out in 2008.

Here's a clue for you Hillary: the DLC is an anchor, not a balloon.


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