Sunday, April 03, 2005

DeLay opposes the separation of powers. What about Bush?

Tom DeLay, in his efforts to distract attention away from his own troubles, is declaring war on the judiciary:

[DeLay] said the House already passed a bill now waiting in the Senate that would allow federal review of state cases in instances such as Schiavo's. Also, he said the House Judiciary Committee has announced hearings on the "definition of good behavior" for judges.

The founding fathers were very explicit in the need for an independent judiciary. An independent judiciary means that, sometimes, it will do things that the other two branches of government don't like. Any attempt to paint judicial disagreement as "out of control" just because it runs counter to the will of the legislature or the executive is nothing more than an assault on judicial independence and thus an assault on our constitutional form of government.

We already know that DeLay thinks judges should kowtow to his point of view. Does Bush side with DeLay in this effort? That's what Democrats should be asking the President. They shouldn't waste a lot of time going after DeLay directly. They should force Bush to take sides.


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