Tuesday, November 30, 2004

States feel the power (part 2)

Mark Brewer, the President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs is telling his fellow state Democratic leaders to hold off on endorsing any particular candidate for the DNC chairmanship (link). Brewer seems to recognize, as I pointed out in a previous post (link), that the state parties could wield and extraordinary amount of influence over the national party leadership. But they won't do so if they start, independently, throwing their weight behind particular candidates.

Brewer wants them to wait at least until the state party leaders meet Dec. 9-11 in Orlando. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to lobby the Association reach a consensus among themselves about who should be leader (or at least what type of leader they want, if they can't agree on a particular individual).

The linked article doesn't specifically mention if any of the leading prospects will actually be in attendance at this meeting.


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