Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I went to the Democracy For America meetup tonight.

40 people in attendance (the same number that attended my first Dean meetup back in March of 2003 btw), commiserating for a moment and then getting down to the business of taking the next step.

Dean held a conference call. We were one of the four sites that got the privilege of asking Dean a question. He was asked about running for DNC chair and, for the first time, he actually made noises about considering it. He asked us to send him a short message telling him why he should or should not vie for the position. He agreed with our question about the need to work on a clear message, recommended Lakoff in the process. He also recommended "What's The Matter With Kansas?", a book which I just bought tonight.

I handed out four copies of "Don't Think About An Elephant" to meetup participants and got a lot of positive response to the idea of putting on message workshops. I'm going to talk more about this later.

Go join Democracy For America.

Go to the next meetup.



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