Friday, October 29, 2004

First the Russians, now the Saudis?

Yet another bad day for Bush

Saudi Ambassador Says More Troops Needed in Iraq

LONDON (Reuters) - Iraq (news - web sites) has become a magnet for foreign terrorists since the U.S.-led invasion last year and there are not enough troops to cope, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Britain said on Thursday.

Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former Saudi spy master, said a fragmentation of Iraq would pose a major threat to world peace.

The invasion in March 2003 and subsequent disbanding of the Iraqi security services had opened up a void into which militants were flooding, he told Reuters in an interview.

"Iraq is a magnet for terrorists. The invasion has definitely not met the expectations of President Bush (news - web sites) that it would be an end to terrorism in our part of the world," said Prince Turki.

"There are just not enough security forces on the ground to meet the needs of the situation," he said.

"Centrifugal forces have increased in Iraq. Fragmentation would be detrimental not just to Saudi Arabia but first of all to the Iraqi people, secondly to all of the neighboring countries and thirdly to the world community."


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