Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Fight Worth Fighting

I'm going to disagree with a considerable number of people out there who are bemoaning the fact that Kerry has to "waste time" addressing the Swift Boat issue when he should be hammering Bush on his weak record.

The core of the problems of this country over the last few years is precisely the political smear machine that the Republicans have perfected during that time. It is that machine that has allowed the cockroaches within the Republican party to subvert our country's institutions from the ground up. If that machine did not exist then those people would never have gotten as close to the levers of power as they have.

The "real" problems of this country will never be corrected as long as that machine is allowed to run rampant through the political landscape. Attacking it and destroying it as a candidate is as vital an action as any Kerry might take as President.

So, no, this is not a fight that is distracting us from the bigger fight. It is the bigger fight.

(This is a repost of an entry from my own blog here)


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