Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Morris vs. Morris

If there is a safe bet in politics it is this one: whatever Dick Morris says will almost assuredly prove to be wrong. Anyone who has followed American politics over the last 10 years should know that Dick Morris has a bug up his ass when it comes to Hillary Clinton. They never got along when he was a political advisor to her husband (an understatement, believe me). Morris was a promulgator of several rumors about Hillary's sexuality (both that she had multiple affairs with men and that she was a lesbian). He swore on a stack of bibles that she would not run for Senator in NY in 2000 and then, when she did run, he swore that she would lose spectacularly (she won in a landslide).

I'm sure it must gall Dick when he hears that Hillary is rated the most popular politician in New York.

Media Matters dissects his latest offering, Rewriting History, a book written in response to Hillary Clinton's Living History.

My personal favorite:

Dick Morris v. Dick Morris
Dick Morris Says: ... But Dick Morris Also Says:

"She Gives No Indication of Having Learned From the Fiasco of Health Care Reform": "In all of Living History there is almost no suggestion of personal growth. She gives no indication of having learned from the fiasco of health care reform." [Morris, Rewriting History, p. 62]

"Hillary has ... Shown Signs of Growth ... After the Health Care Fiasco, for Example": "Hillary has, at times, shown signs of growth: After the health care fiasco, for example, she backed away from further attempts at broad-scale, utopian reforms." [Morris, Rewriting History, p. 62 (just four paragraphs later!)]

"She Seems to Have Learned Her Lesson": "Her left-ward tilt in the health care reform days was a thing of the past. She seemed to have learned her lesson." [Morris, Rewriting History, p. 97]


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