Friday, April 02, 2004

God bless John McCain

John McCain is the most bi-partisan respected politician in America today. He has achieved that position because he doesn't stoop to disparaging the values of his political opponents in order to score political points.  I don't agree with many of his positions, but I would be proud to call him president and I think a lot of Americans would agree with me. When you think in terms of Bush's ability to divide this country against itself, McCain's ability to speak for both sides makes him the true anti-Bush.

That is why criticism of the GOP, coming from the John McCain, is so significant. He speaks for the disenfranchised Republicans as well as Independents and Democrats who dream of a day when politicians don't put party over country.

Note that McCain is not the Republican version of Zell Miller. McCain, unlike Miller, does not openly campaign against his parties nominees even when they fundamentally disagree with their leadership. He criticizes for the purpose of strengthening his party whereas Zell criticizes in order to tout his own moral superiority.

John McCain tells Republicans the hard truths they don't want to hear.

John McCain is the Republican Howard Dean.

Imagine if this election were between McCain and Dean? I'd be in heaven.

Update: Looks like McCain likes Howard Dean:

McCain praised the efforts of former Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean for his efforts to raise funds from grassroots organizations while using non-traditional methods, such as e-mail for recruiting supporters. "I thought it was excellent, the most impressive display of Democratic involvement," McCain said of Dean's campaign funding. "That's what we want, small contributions from a multitude of people that all participate in the process."


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