Thursday, March 11, 2004

Another worker Bushed

Hesiod is on the trail of the interesting tail of the lone John Kerry boat-mate who has been critical of the would-be president. It turns out that the man, named Gardner, is speaking only from his experience with Kerry in the first month of Kerry's service in Vietnam when the latter was still green around the gills. Also, in an ironic twist of fait, or not (depending on one's political leanings), Gardner lost his job the day after his comments about Kerry were published by Time Online. The company he worked for says Gardner's layoff was planned for weeks and had nothing to do with the article (others were laid off at the same time) and everything to do with the poor state of the economy. As Hesiod put it:

Ironically, Gardner was laid off due to the Bush economy, and is now blaming John Kerry for it.

Pretty sad, actually.

Check it out.


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