Monday, December 08, 2003

Candidate reactions

Courtesy MSNBC:

The Dean and Lieberman campaigns had no official comment, but Lieberman campaign sources told NBC News that they had expected the endorsement. While they would have liked to have had Gore's support, the development will not change the campaign's strategy, they said.  

The campaign of Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina also said it would not comment before Tuesday, while Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri issued a short statement saying Dean was on the wrong side of several issues on which he had fought with Gore, including Medicare and affirmative action.

Another rival candidate, Wesley Clark, the retired Army general, played down the impact of the endorsement. "No kidding -- I think it's wonderful," he told MSNBC's Marisa Buchanan.

I'm not sure what to make of Clark's reaction. You would expect other candidates to remain silent or chew the sour grapes. But to actually react to it as if it were good news?


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