Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Still waiting

I'd like to expand on my previous challenge: please name a prominent Democratic leader who was offended by Dean's confederate flag comments who is not (1) running for President or (2) already a declared supporter of one of Dean's opponents.

There appears to be a lot of "this will destroy Dean's chances in <some community>" comments out there, but I have yet to see any great cry of outrage coming from those communities that backs up that fear. In fact, I have seen a multitude of posts of support in various blogs from the very people that are supposed to be offended by Dean's statements.

Could it be that people are just assuming that this will hurt Dean because that is what prolonged exposure to political discussion groups has ingrained in their brains?

Please show me that this will hurt Dean outside the afraid-of-their-own-shadows constituency?

Update: I've heard a rumor that Bill Richardson has expressed offense at Dean's comment, but I haven't found a link for this yet.

Update 2: This is the most I've been able to find on Richardson's view:

"Governor Dean was trying to reach out to disenfranchised voters in the South, but he needs to be more careful," said Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico. "I don't think this is serious, but it has put a little bit of a dent in his front-runner status."


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