Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Confirmation Needed

Eric in comments just posted the following:

I can't believe what I just saw on "Buchanan and Press". Former agent Larry Johnson just strongly suggested that the leaker was Scooter Libby!!! First he said, he knew who it was. After prompting by Buchanan, Johnson (who I couldn't believe wasn't saying, "no comment") kept on talking. Please somebody tell me they just saw this also!

Can anyone else confirm this? Did Johnson clearly identify Libby as one of the leakers?

This would make sense since Scooter works for Dick Cheney and the Office of the Veep was the one that instigated the Wilson trip to Niger. Libby would probably have access to information about Plame's status as a covert CIA op.

Update: They are talking about this over on Kevin Drum's blog. One commenter, Galois, described it as follows:

I watched (and TIVO'd it the whole interview when I saw what was happening). Johnson said he had a friend "who would know" and that it was multiple people at the Old Executive Office Building. When asked for the name he said he wasn't comfortable saying it. When asked by Buchannan if it was Libby he said no comment. When Press noted Rove worked in the West Wing not the OEOB Johnson confirmed that it wasn't him. After the commercial break Buchannan gave a theory that Libby was upset Wilson claimed Cheney sent him to Niger and so told Novak that in fact it was his wife who sent him. Johnson said it was a good theory. Before he left Johnson said he had not spoken with the FBI, but Press told him he would be soon.

So Johnson apparently didn't confirm it was Libby, but he strongly hinted it was.

This doesn't put Rove off the hook of course since there are allegedly two leakers. Nor does it mean that Rove didn't know about it before hand.

One problem with having the kind of reputation Rove has for running a tight ship is that when something like this happens it becomes that much harder for you to deny that you didn't know what was going on.


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