Thursday, October 02, 2003

And then there were nine

Graham's out of the race. It's a shame. I've always liked the guy, but he just never managed to make a connection.

But, at least it means that his Senate seat will be a lot safer.

I always expected Braun to be the first to exit the stage. But I guess she was never really running this thing to win and is, along with Sharpton and Kucinich, more of a statement candidate. I wouldn't be surprised to see all three of these candidates stick it out to the convention.

Of the more "serious" candidates I would have to say that Lieberman is the next most likely to fall. Edwards, Gephardt and Kerry will have the resources to hang around well through the first few weeks of the primary season. But if any of them fails to score any wins by the end of the first month I expect they will drop out as well.

I think this race will come down to a battle between Dean, Clark, and one of those three.


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