Sunday, August 31, 2003

A different shade of yellow

Something else to note from Nagourney's "Worried Democrats" article:
Aides to his rivals said they had drawn a lesson from Dr. Dean's unsteady appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" in June, which was mocked as near disastrous among party leaders but now appears to have served to rally his base around him. Several said they feared that Dr. Dean would be strengthened by conventional political attacks. As a result, Dr. Dean's rivals are all stepping gingerly, waiting for someone else to risk the first shot. "No one wants to be the person to take on Dean," said Ron Klain, a Democratic consultant who was a senior adviser to Al Gore in 2000.
First Democrats were afraid to attack Bush. Now they are afraid to attack Dean. That pretty much says it all right there. Is it any wonder these people are having trouble getting an "establishment" candidate to lead the fight against Bush?


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