Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Dean's "stiffness"

I've been watching Dean since about March and I can say that he has definitely gotten better in his media appearances. His most recent debate performances (AFL-CIO) were considerably better then the first debate and his one-on-one interviews are getting better as well. He may still look stiff, but compared to what he was a few months back he is much more relaxed! I say this because, as close followers of this campaign, I am beginning to suspect that some are focusing on negatives that many other people simply aren't seeing. For example, I heard several people say that Dean looked stiff and uncomfortable during the Larry King interview. I didn't see it at the time but I took people at their word on this. I have now had a chance to see that interview and I thought he actually looked pretty relaxed. Dean is most definitely the best stump speaker that I have ever seen. He is beginning to bring some of the skills he has into other forums and is making good use of them. By the time he wins the nomination and starts taking on Bush one-on-one I think he will be a seasoned pro.


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